Vegan philosophy with Minimalism inspiration.

Our aim is to create the perfect "Cruelty-free" closet, where no animal product is involved, and the production guarantees fair-trade working conditions for workers and are "Made in Italy."

Ethical manufacturing, supporting communities and artisan partnerships.

Moscatelli unites a classic aesthetic with luxury-level fabrication and positioning, tapping into the tastes of a generation of consumers for whom sustainable fashion brands are just as fashionable as traditional luxury brands.

Our vision is driven by the search for refinement and uniqueness. Elegance, seduction and freshness. Moods that are reflected in the shapes, colors and volumes.

Every detail of Moscatelli shoes is carefully researched, in the purest tradition of Made in Italy. A timeless style, governed by black and white, the combination of non-color symbols of the absolute.

A fusion of precision and quality, with a new aesthetic, made of sustainable materials, delicate lines and sexy details.

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