We have developed our collection following careful and continuous research. We love quality and excellence, necessary to express a new elegance.


Moscatelli is a family owned business with many years of expertise dealing with the footwear industry, where tradition and technological research were the core of the company, but where there was no particular attention to the sustainability of materials and natural resources.

Our company and expertise grew over time, but our moral dilemma, was whether to stay an active participant in the environmental situation or to make a significant shift and “do the right thing.” We were no longer willing to put business ahead of ethics. It was past time to take action.

That’s how Moscatelli shoes were born. Thanks to the meeting with Flavio Mancuso, the new Creative Director, we've been able to combined the strongest natural fibers to build comfortable fashion shoes with low environmental impact in every detail, driven by our passion and the desire to make things right.


Shoes that are thoughtfully designed and responsibly produced, putting people, the environment, and humanity's future first. Every Moscatelli product is safe for the environment.

All of our shoes are produced from environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recycled materials. We've made a commitment to our vegan values. That's why we're continuously on the lookout for the best materials without sacrificing the quality or longevity of our shoes.

Cruelty is not tolerated by us. No animal skin, fur, or other meat by-products are used in any of our goods. We exclusively utilize natural and synthetic materials.

Rooted in our present culture with a particular taste for the ‘now’ and focused on a lifestyle design ethos to bring the women what they really want. The result is a young brand embracing the present time in a sophisticated manner.

The company has been working for some time on the sustainability of materials. Starting from the technical experience of the founders, with constant innovation, Moscatelli has gone through several cycles of ideation and maturity of entire product lines thanks to the meeting with the new creative director.

Moscatelli unites a classic aesthetic with luxury-level fabrication and positioning, tapping into the tastes of a generation of consumers for whom sustainable fashion brands are just as fashionable as traditional luxury brands. Our aim is to create the perfect "Cruelty-free" closet, where no animal product is involved, and the production guarantees fair-trade working conditions for workers and are "Made in Italy."

The techniques used in the realization of the shoes, the production times and deliveries aim to change the traditional seasonality of the past and our goal is to mix the cards to meet the new demands of the market.

With entirely Made in Italy production and total product traceability, we ensure that processing is done with the highest quality and in safety. The ability to identify the current or past location of a product and to be aware of the real place of origin of a particular material, ensures the protection of our customers regarding the actual characteristics of a product.

We focus on ethical manufacturing, supporting communities and artisan partnerships. We stand in between stability and change as well, we merge sustainability to luxury but we are rooted in our origin and married to our traditional craftsmanship.

A Tuscan manufacture with more than half of its employees women, able to ensure the quality and attention of a handmade product with the support of innovative and advanced machinery for a production of wide distribution.

The raw materials we use are selected from the productive and working fabric that gravitates around us, guaranteeing a km0 supply chain, with the possibility of knowing, evaluating and touching the products used.

Moscatelli does not limit itself to aesthetics, but uses all natural resources intelligently, without waste and without harming the planet.